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Welcome To MGM Design

We are a full service digital marketing agency with over 25 years experience, specializing in custom, professional website design, social media content development & management, google ads, retargeting ads, Meta management, SEO and Google Business Profile optimization. We're also a fully authorized reseller of Google Workspace.

In today's digital world, digital marketing is a must for any business or non-profit to thrive. We offer the full suite of services to drive new leads and increase revenue. Recently, we expanded both our services and staff to the Northern Arizona area.

What is Digital Marketing?

Today, most business owners know they need digital marketing to grow and succeed, but few of us know which parts of digital marketing will produce the best results. At MGM, our approach is to work with each client to define what will actually make them more successful and then build a campaign that accomplishes those goals.

More specifically, we typically use a combination of Google Ads, Google Business Profile, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media and Meta / Facebook Retargeting Ads to place your business in front of your ideal customers.That digital marketing is designed to strategically send people to your website. And, your new website is built with content designed to qualify those website visitors and convert them into new customers and make you more successful.

Because our team at MGM Design understands small business, takes the time to learn what will make you successful and then use our technical expertise to build a system that actually makes you more money, you can finally trust that you have found a digital partner that believes your digital marketing investment will generate a profitable return and make you more successful for many years to come.

Do you wish you had a digital marketing partner focused on growing your business and providing you with the latest trends and marketing options every month?

Website Design

At MGM Design, we specialize in building websites that are strategic at converting site visitors into qualified new leads and new sales. And, with 25 years of experience building custom websites, your online presence will represent you with the utmost professionalism.

While new client relationships tend to begin with a website makeover so it is built to convert visitors into customers, it's really the last step in the customer journey. The services below outline the proven techniques to actually bring all those new customers to your website.

"Would you like your website to actually get you new sales, new customers and new clients?"

"Do you wish your Website was as professional as you are in person?"

Illustrated graphic representing web design like scrap booking

Google Ads - Pay Per Click Ads

When someone is interested in your products or services, their journey typically begins with a Google search. After your customer enters their search phrase, the very first thing they see at the top of the results are Paid Google Ads. This is often called Pay Per Click or PPC.

The Digital Ad Team at MGM Design are experts at selecting and setting up keyword campaigns so your business shows up at the top. As the "Pay Per Click" name suggests, there is no charge to have your business visible in this ad group. Your are only charged when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website - pay per click. The price of these clicks varies based on popularity and uniqueness of the search term but we help guide you through the entire process of setting budgets, picking search terms and creating the ads.

"Would you get more customers if you showed up as the very first thing people see after they do a Google search?"

Illustrated graphic of a graph showing the increased profits from pay per click advertising

Google Business Profile Management

The second section below Pay Per Click ads that people see after they do a keywords search on Google are the Google Business Profile results. Also referred to as a Map Search.These results show the social media profiles for your business on Google. Just like other platforms, you should be adding content to the Google Business Profile on a regular basis.

At MGM, we are experts at making sure your business shows up at the top of the list!

"Would your business increase if you were visible at the top of the listings next to the map?"

Illustrated graphic of a google profile in a cloud and large google logo

Search Engine Optimization

After Google Business Profiles, we finally see the organic listings or free lists of websites that Google thinks is a good match for the person's search phrase.

MGM's Design and Development teams are SEO Experts. Getting your website listed above your competitors is what we do.

"Would your business benefit from being at the top of the website search results?"

Illustrated graphic representing the different components of Search Engine Optimization and how it can boost your business

Social Media Management

Social Media can be simple, it's just not easy.Without question, we all know customers check our socials before deciding to make a purchase or call or visit.

The Social Media Management Team at MGM Design knows just what to do so when people check you out online they develop a sense of trust and confidence in your business and even take the next step in the buying process.

We don't just know the trends, we are the trend. We know the topics to suggest, how to write the copy, design the motion graphics & videos, how to make those posts be seen by the customers and how to make it all look professional and consistent.

"Do you wish your social media looked completely professional and actually produced new customers and made you more money?"

Illustrated graphic of a hand holding two phones with social media icons of all the social media we can manage for you levitating from the screen

Meta / Facebook Ads

Meta is the overseeing brand for Facebook and Instagram. Using the Meta Business Suite to manage all of your social media posts and ads can be intimidating and far more time consuming than most businesses realize. That's where the team at MGM steps in and does all of that for you.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

Have you ever researched a product or vacation resort by visiting their websites and then, the next time you go to Facebook you see an ad for that very product or resort you were looking at previously? That's retargeting: showing specific ads only to people who have visited your website.

Retargeting ads are one of the Most Effective types of digital marketing for our clients. The reason retargeting is so effective is because it is intent based, hyper focused advertising.

Intent based meaning, because someone visited your website, they showed intent on wanting your products and services.

Hyper focused because we only have to pay to show ads to those people who have visited your website. Remember, these ads are shown on Facebook but only people who visited your website see the ads so we don't have to pay to show them to anyone else.

"Would your business grow if you could target paid ads to everyone who has visited your website and not pay to show it to anyone who hasn't visited your site?"

"Wouldn't it be great to trust that it was all being done for you in the most professional way possible?"

Illustrated graphic of a graph showing the increased profits from pay per click advertising

Graphic Design

Why not let us take care of all your marketing needs?

MGM Design have been leader's in the graphic design space since the beginning over 25 years ago. Bundle your other marketing needs along with the rest of our services listed for a complete marketing solution.

From Highly-customized, modern websites to social media and beyond, We have have the graphic design experience you need to present your brand online and anywhere else your business takes you.

Illustrated graphic of someone building graphics for a website at their desk